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Vokado registers qualified experts assessors. Whether private individual, governmental institution, insurance or private business – if you need an assessment, surveying or a certified report for a specific legal matter, Vokado is the go to address. Browse and review their profiles at your leisure.

Independent or approved Assessors are characterized by their highly qualified training, years of experience, high capability and their constant keeping up with the latest specific expert knowledge.

You can also browse for publicly accredited assessors in the fields of construction, dangerous animals, fire safety, statics, thermal isolation and noise.

Legally recognized experts who are recognized and awarded through various chambers for the assessment of, for example, faulty construction work, re-evaluation of a property or building or vehicle related claims, at Vokado you will find the expert suitable for your need.

Publicly accredited assessors can even be employed outside the regional jurisdiction their accrediting body – nationwide.

Medical and psychological experts who can be tasked to carry out the same assessments by private individuals as insurance companies and courts.

If you require assessments abroad, Vokado offers a list of experts certified according to EN 45013 or EN ISO/IEC 17024, respectively.

These certifications are internationally recognized, annually validated and need to be re-issued every 5 years. This ensures the highest standards of expertise.